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Current program valid to Thu 7 Jul

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Historical museums
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Kultur i stan

 Kultur i stan bild

ABBA The Museum

ABBA The Museum bild
Join us on an interactive journey through ABBA's career. Sing karaoke in the Polar studio, mix original music or be on stage with ABBA. We also have a fun quiz for all children. Walk In. Dance Out.

Opening hours: see our website.
Djurgårdsvägen 68.
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ArkDes bild
Have a coffee in our beautiful garden or visit our family room for the youngest. Utomhusverket 2022 with Josefin Zachrisson and Mira Bergh. Amie Siegel - The Silence. Tours and activities for the whole family. Exhibition: Sigurd Lewerentz: Architect of Death and Life.

Fri entrance.


Armémuseum bild
Experience how war and peace have shaped Sweden.

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11-17, Tue 11-19.
Fri entrance.
Riddargatan 13.
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Artipelag bild
Welcome to Anselm Kiefer - Essence-Existence, Artipelag's largest art venture ever. "Anselm Kiefer's world is as dark as breathtakingly beautiful" - DN. Concerts: Guitar duo Siqueira Lima on Sunday, jazz with Anna Gréta trio on Thurs (the entire summer concert program is available on the website). Children's activity: Story and painting on Wed. Artipelag Restaurant serves summer buffet Thurs-Sun. Coffee and eat well in Bådan Café & Konditori, shop in the design shop, see the outdoor exhibition Sculpture in nature.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11-18.
Artipelagstigen 1, Gustavsberg.
08-570 130 00.
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Avicii Experience

Avicii Experience bild
Avicii Experience is an interactive tribute museum dedicated to one of the greatest icons of our time. Here, the visitor can join an inspiring journey through Tim 'Avicii' Bergling's life and music career.

Opening hours: see our website.
Sergelgatan 2.

Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum

Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum bild
Exhibition Trailing lights.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12-16. Showing 12, 13, 14, 15.
08-612 65 60.


Cosmonova bild
Experience the feeling of Cosmonova and see the sea from the first floor in the film Oceans. Our entire film selection: nrm.se/cosmonova

Pre-sell your ticket at www.nrm.se
T-bana Universitetet. Buss 50/540.
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Drottningholms Slottsteater

Drottningholms Slottsteater bild
Screenings of the theater house daily. July 2 at 1 pm: Tailored stories - showing of the exhibition in 100 years of theater costumes on Drottningholm. July 3 at 13: Spectacle in the castle park - court parties, knight games and theater in the bushes. An outdoor tour with a walk through the entire park. Coffee break included!


Ekonomiska museet

Ekonomiska museet bild
Discover the exhibition Hyperinflation - involuntary millionaires and worthless money. Visas August 14. Guided tours on Tuesdays. Treasure hunt and child trace.

Fri entrance.


Fjärilshuset bild
Rainforest with free-flying butterflies, turtles, quail, frogs, axolotlar, etc. Large aquarium with reef sharks & colorful fish. Smaller saltwater aquarium with corals, sea urchins & starfish.

Opening hours: all days of the year.
Vi finns i Hagaparken, Solna. Hållplats: Haga Norra.
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Forum för Levande Historia

Forum för Levande Historia bild
The exhibitions "The family that disappeared" by Joanna Rubin Dranger and "Sweden and the Holocaust". Guided city walk every Wednesday and Saturday.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12-17, Sat 12-16.
Always free admission.
Stora Nygatan 10.


Färgfabriken bild
Åke Pallarp - Excited, 30 / 4-25 / 9.


Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum

Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum bild
Discover a ceramic treasury! The Gustavsberg collection, tells the story of the porcelain factory from 1825 onwards, via studio goods and magnificent pieces, everyday porcelain, objects in enamel and plastic. Temporary exhibition: AfterGlow - new Nordic porcelain, thirteen contemporary potters from the Nordic countries reinterpret the design tradition. For children and young people: Summer holidays = Clay holidays! Create in the workshop with soft stoneware clay. Thu-Sun 13-16, 30 / 6-14 / 8, free drop in subject to availability. Welcome to the Kingdom of China!

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11-17.
Entrance ticket: NOK 50-100, free admission for 20 years. The museum is cashless.
Odelbergs väg 5B, Gustavsberg.
08-519 543 00.

Hallwylska museet

Hallwylska museet bild
A private palace from the turn of the century 1900 on Hamngatan 4. Construction dreams. Experience fantastic LEGO® creations, build your own dream and exhibit it on site in the museum.

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Historiska museet

Historiska museet bild
Discover the exhibition The World of the Vikings. Guided tours daily, for adults and for children. Viking for a day - try crafts and games in the museum's green outdoor courtyard.

Fri entrance.

Judiska museet

Judiska museet bild
The Jewish Museum is located in Stockholm's oldest preserved synagogue in the middle of the Old Town. New exhibition: The dog with the red silk band - an exhibition with objects from the Holocaust.

Free admission on Saturdays at 11-12. Views every day (Tue-Sun),

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern bild
Ditch Dance, Sara-Vide Ericson, Gallery 3, April 21-August 7. Tuija Lindström: Valokuva - the own language, Gallery 5, 19 May-28 August.


Liljevalchs Konsthall

Liljevalchs Konsthall bild
Bergstenhuset: The spring salon 100 years. A cavalcade of famous artists from the salon's generous history from 1921 to today. Painting, sculpture, video, photography and drawing, crafts. T on August 21st. Liljevalchs +, new extension: Julia Peirone, floors 4 & 5, 3 June-4 September. The upper / lower galleries, floors 1 & 2: Observations - eleven Swedish jewelery artists, 6 May-4 September. Movie Room: Yinka Shonibare CBE, June 3-September 4.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday 11 am-7pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11 am-7pm.
Entrance fee SEK 120, pensioners / students SEK 100. Free admission for everyone on Mondays. Advance purchase via Billetto.se


Livrustkammaren bild
The Museum of Sweden's Royal History, Slottsbacken 3. Armor, weapons, glittering costumes, jewelery and stately royal carriages. Exhibit Manga Royals - royal history in manga style.

Fri entrance!
Audioguide Butik Anpassat för funktionshindrade


Marabouparken bild
2 / 7-2 / 10 A flora of the moment. Contemporary art, restaurant and sculpture park.

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12-16.
Löfströmsv 8, Sundbyberg.


Medeltidsmuseet bild
Fri entrance.
Norrbro, vid Slottet.


Millesgården bild
Current exhibition | Current Exhibition: Madame D'Ora Vienna & Paris 1907-1957, 12 Feb-4 Sept 2022. Anton Alvarez in the artist's home 21 May-25 Sep.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11-17.
Butik Guide restaurang Kollektivtrafik

Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet bild
Free admission to Jeppe Hein: Who are you really ?, Swedish acquisitions: Matches and the Collection. Admission to: Björn Lövin - The surrounding reality, free admission on Thursdays.

08-520 235 00.
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Mångkulturellt Centrum

Mångkulturellt Centrum bild
Current exhibition: We are neighbors - about genocide and crimes against humanity.

Opening hours: Tue-Thu 11-16, Fri 11-22.
Fri entrance.


Möbeldesignmuseum bild
The Furniture Design Museum is based on a private collection of over 1000 Nordic and international design furniture from 1860-2020. About 500 of them are shown in a permanent exhibition. This summer's theme exhibition Likes Matter shows a top-100 list of the furniture that has received the most positive reactions on the museum's instagram 2018-2021. The exhibition runs until 21 August.

Opening hours: Sat-Sun 11-17.
Magasin 6, Frihamnsgatan 50. Buss 1 eller 76, hpl Frihamnen.


Nationalmuseum bild
Museum of the Year 2022 with art and design from the 16th century to today. Temporary exhibitions: Swedish Grace and "Great to be a sculptor!". For children and families: The exhibition Villa Curiosa, Tue-Island 11.15-16.15, book a seat ticket via the web. Clay-law in the studios: Thurs-Sun, 13-16, drop-in. Screenings: Swedish Grace, Tue 5/7 at 3 pm, National Museum - Art and Building, Fri 1/7 at 2 pm, Wed 6/7 at 2 pm, "Great to be a sculptor!", Thu 7/7 at 2 pm.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10–17, Monday closed.
Free admission to the collections and family activities. Entrance fee to temporary exhibitions and tours. Free admission for everyone under 20 years. Feel free to pre-buy a ticket via the web.
Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2.
08-519 543 00.
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Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet bild
Summer with buzz! Check out pollinating insects in our urban cultivation and in the photo exhibition Surr! Make your own side hotel and join a mini tour. Our experts tell about the insects' lives in digital channels.

Free entrance, 10 min from the city.
T-bana Universitetet. Buss 50/540.
08-519 540 00.

Nobel Prize Museum

Nobel Prize Museum bild
The Nobel party - an exhibition about the party of the parties! Open in the evening on Fridays this summer with screenings and DJs.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10-17, Fridays open until 21.
Börshuset, Stortorget 2, Gamla Stan.

Nordiska museet

Nordiska museet bild
Nordic Paris, pre-sale only via the website. Arctic - while the ice melts and Tidsvalvet - winner of the Exhibition of the Year.

Opening hours: all days.
08-519 547 70.
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Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde bild
Current exhibitions: Light over sea and land - Önningebykolonin, shown until 26/3 2023. Ann Wolff, shown until 23/10 2022. Hugo Alfvén - Art and music, shown until 16/10 2022. The colors of life, shown until 14/8 2022

Opening hours: Tues-Sun 11-17, Thurs 11-20.
Prins Eugens väg 6, Djurgården.
08-545 837 00.
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Riksidrottsmuseum bild
For the slightly younger ones: Visit the exhibition "Children's games - a painting from the 16th century". The exhibition compares the games of the past with the present and contains fun interactive stations, secret passages and hidden gaps. In Konsthall 16, Medley - Tore A Jonasson's collection, 20 / 5-18 / 9. Bianca Maria Barmen, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Catti Brandelius, Berit Lindfeldt, Rita Lundqvist, Truls Melin, Julia Peirone, Maurits Ylitalo.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-4pm.
Djurgårdsbrunnsv 26. Buss 69, hållplats Sjöhistoriska museet.


Scenkonstmuseet  bild
Screenings and programs - see the web!

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11-17.
Sibylleg 2.
Butik Cafe Anpassat för funktionshindrade restaurang Kollektivtrafik

Sjöhistoriska museet

Sjöhistoriska museet bild

Skoklosters Slott

Skoklosters Slott bild
Visit one of the world's foremost baroque castles, located on the shores of Lake Mälaren. New exhibition: Castle wives & convent sisters. Viewing, children's activities, shop and café.

Opening hours: this summer every day 11-17.
Butik Cafe

Skånelaholms Slott

Skånelaholms Slott bild
Experience Stockholm's least known country castles. A place characterized by the last private owner Herbert Rettig's broad collector's interest that filled the castle with interesting objects and fascinating stories.

Skånelaholms slott ligger mellan Upplands Väsby och Märsta (nära E4:an). Kollektivtrafik: Buss 577 (Skånela kyrka).
070-664 14 75.


Spritmuseum bild
Exhibitions: Drinkland Sweden, Gin & Troubled Waters.

Opening hours: Tuesday 10-17, Wednesday 10-20, Thursday & Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-17, Sunday 12-17. Views, you choose time.
Admission: Adult SEK 120, pensioner / student SEK 80.
Djurgårdsstrand 9.

Stockholms Konserthus

Stockholms Konserthus bild
Exhibition with about 50 pictures and satirical texts by Kent Wisti, mini-concerts with young summer musicians and guided tours of the Nobel Prize ceremony, art and architecture or a view from the roof terrace of the house.

Opening hours: June 28-August 21 at 11-17.
Fri entrance! (does not apply to screenings).
08-506 677 88.
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Stockholms Stadsmuseum

Stockholms Stadsmuseum bild
Fri entrance.
T-bana Slussen.


Strindbergsmuseet bild
Visit Strindberg's home. Viewing Tue-Sun 13. Exhibition: Maggan Ek - What would Strindberg say?

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12-16.
Drottninggatan 85.
08-441 91 70.

Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum

Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum bild
Humanity - the power of art in difficult times. Vera Nilsson, Sven Xet Erixson, Bror Hjorth and Albin Amelin. See website for programs.

Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 11-19, Thu 11-20, Sat-Sun 11-17. Open screening Tue, Fri at 13, Sun at 12.
08-511 600 60.
Butik Guide Anpassat för funktionshindrade restaurang

Sörmlands museum

Sörmlands museum bild

The Viking museum

The Viking museum bild
Experience the stories of the Viking Age and captivating journeys through an interactive exhibition and dramatic adventure journey.

Opening hours: every day from 10 am to 6 pm.
Djurgårdsstrand / Wasahamnen.

Thielska Galleriet

Thielska Galleriet bild
Current exhibitions: A home is shown until 21/8 2022, Painter Akke Kumlien. Moments of everyday happiness are shown until 6/11 2022. In the collection of well-known Nordic artists from the turn of the last century. General screening Tue at 2 p.m.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12-17, Thurs 12-20.
Sjötullsbacken 8, Djurgården. Buss 67, båt 80 Blockhusudden.
08-662 58 84.
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Uppsala domkyrka

Uppsala domkyrka bild
Open the gate to the Nordic region's largest cathedral and enter Sweden's history. Kings, queens, saints and ordinary people - in life and death millions of people have come here for seven hundred years. Viewing of the cathedral and the Treasury every day read more at www.uppsaladomkyrka.se

Opening hours: every day from 08-18. The Treasury Museum open Mon-Sat 10-17, Sunday / public holiday 12.30-16.
Butik Cafe Guide Kollektivtrafik


Vasamuseet bild
Opening hours: at 8.30-18.


Vrak bild
Dive into the history of the Baltic Sea - without getting wet! Around Gotland starts at the museum! Activities for children. Daily views: 11 (en), 15 (eng). After Wreck on Wednesday nights.

Opening hours: every day 10-18, Wednesday to 20.
Free admission 0-18 years.
Djurgårdsstrand 17.
Butik Cafe Anpassat för funktionshindrade restaurang Kollektivtrafik

Åbergs museum

Åbergs museum bild
An excursion destination for the whole family. Temporary exhibition: Sven Nordqvist; children's book author and illustrator. Sven Nordqvist, best known for old man Pettson and the cat Findus as well as Mamma Mu and Kråkan, is one of our most beloved illustrators. The exhibition is shown 30/3 2022-25 / 9 2022.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11-16. General screening Sun at 2 p.m.
08-411 00 40.

Årsta slott

Årsta slott bild
The castle with many stories! At Årsta, you will discover the traces of the nobility of the great power era, hear about the world-famous Fredrika Bremer and visit the adventurer Gustaf Cedergren's luxurious castle home. Welcome to a guided tour! Guided tours July 1-August 7: Fri-Sun 12, 13, 14 and 15. August 8-31: Sat-Sun 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Admission SEK 120, under 18 years free.
Cafe restaurang Kollektivtrafik